Wish I'd said that!

In recent decades, the ACLU has used its so-called "wall" to fight tooth and nail to prevent government sponsorship of the Pledge of Allegiance, memorial crosses, Ten Commandments displays, nativity scenes, Bible displays, and virtually every other acknowdgement of America's religious heritage.

At the same time, it is worthwhile to note that there have been some instances in which the ACLU has endorsed public displays of religion. For example, When New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani threatened to cut taxpayer funding from the Brooklyn Museum of Art for displaying a painting of the Virgin Mary with cow dung and pictures of female sexual organs pasted all over her body, the ACLU was first in line to defend the display. U.S. District Court Judge Nina Gershon ruled that New York City's elected officials were not allowed to place conditions on the museum's funding.

In another instance, the ACLU offered its support to the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts, after the agency sponsored an art show featuring "Piss Christ" - an exhibit consisting of a crucifix submerged in a jar of urine.

In the ACLU's myopic world, it appears that the only permissible publicly-funded displays of religion are those which blatantly mock or disparage the Christian faith.

-- Indefensible: 10 Ways the ACLU is Destroying America, Sam Kastensmidt, 2006

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Search of Good News

I wanted to try to present some encouragement this time instead of the steady formula of doom and gloom; not that there isn't plenty of d&g to go around, but we all need a breather from time to time. And there are a few hopeful signs happening, as I'll get to momentarily. But I want to encourage you to read an insightful article from J. R. Dieckman that pretty well covers what the mainstream media isn't telling you.

A bit of good news - from my perspective, at least - comes in the unlikely form of 14-year-old Jonathan Krohn, author of the book Define Conservatism. Young Jonathan wowed the crowd at the recent CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Committee) conference. With only a two-minute speech he received a standing ovation; an impressive feat considering he was speaking on the same platform as Newt (abandon your principles) Gingrich, the scrappy and irrepressible Ann Coulter, and capped off with a keynote address by Rush Limbaugh. If Jonathan is any indication of his generation (you know; those kids who are going to inherit the bill from the "stimulus" packages), the future for a return to conservative common sense may look a little brighter after all.

In my relentless search for good news this time, I wanted to note President Obama's attempts toward "bridging the waters" and "repairing our image with the international community" with our allies. For example, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently flew all the way to D.C. to give a pro-socialism/globalism speech before Congress, and presented Obama with several historically-significant gifts, including a pen holder made from the wood of a British ship used in anti-slavery missions to Africa. While not being directly descended from slaves (or a natural-born US citizen as far as we know) as were most American Blacks, the President -- being the worldly-wise and savvy leader we know and love -- gave Mr. Gordon a set of DVD movies - which don't even play on UK hardware because they use a different standard! Chalk one up for diplomacy at the White House! In fact, the Prime Minister was so impressed with his visit and the gift he received from his fellow socialist that Downing Street actually tried (unsuccessfully) to keep the embarrassing meeting a secret from the press.

The President will be going to Britain to meet the Queen on Atheist's Day (April 1). We can only wait with bated breath to see what prestigious gift Obama presents to the Queen Mum.

OK; I guess good news is in short supply, after all.

Carrying on this noble effort at diplomacy, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented a novelty gift to the Russian ambassador; a take-off of Staples' Easy Button. Hillary made a show of presenting it, announcing that the button said "Reset". Alas, upon looking at it, the ambassador corrected her, telling her and the reporters that it actually said, "Overcharge". You have to believe there must be someone at Foggybottom that actually understands Russian, right? Either this is one humongous accident, or someone over there intentionally tried - and succeeded - in embarrassing Madame Hillary. One can only imagine the waves of anger and profanities that she laid on staffers on the plane home. The Iron Maiden of America is not one to be trifled with.

As if these weren't enough diplomatic faux pas, President Obama has, in his infinite wisdom, decided to try to deal with what he refers to as "moderate" Taliban. I'm really curious to discover what these moderates will demand; fewer heads cut off, perhaps?

And if all this wasn't bad enough, we now find out that attempts to upgrade our nuclear warheads had to be postponed for more than a year -- because we'd literally forgotten how to do it. And yes, even nukes need to have maintenance to keep them functional and secure, especially since our enemies are still building them. Are you getting the least bit disturbed by the current state of the union yet?

But wait...there's more! In perfect illustration of the mental and moral disconnect between people who should know better and that little thing we call reality, prominent voices in the culture are actually trying to get us to believe that the civilized world can peacefully coexist with a nuclear-armed Iran.

The other hot topic of the moment was Obama's reversal of Bush's restriction on stem cell research. But let me be more precise (unlike the mainstream media): George Bush limited (not eliminated) government (not private) funding of embryonic (not adult) stem cell research. The whole argument was about not going down the road of harvesting human children (also known as embryos early in development). The media does its best to totally avoid the fact that adult stem cells are showing much more promise than embryonic cells, without having to terminate a life in the process. But the left is so in bed with the billion-dollar abortion industry that it goes out of its way to avoid mentioning that really inconvenient little truth. Truly, modern liberalism is a societal death wish.

Like government, technology can be a great friend and a terrible enemy. For example, Google Earth - which provides a fascinating and fairly detailed look at our home planet - also inadvertently provides important information that governments would rather keep under wraps. A recent news article highlights one of Britain's top secret nuclear sub bases, complete with map coordinates, as well as a nearby storage facility for nuclear weapons.

Of course, you can also check out some of our potential enemies' bases as well. Google Earth can be entertaining as well as informative. Just by picking an area and slowly exploring it by moving across and zooming in, you can find all sorts of unexpected sights. Someone recently posted an item on YouTube showing a USAF C5A being refueled in midair by a KC135 tanker, among other fascinating catches.

In a world quickly going insane, I hope we can deal with what we face without losing our ability to smile occasionally.

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