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In recent decades, the ACLU has used its so-called "wall" to fight tooth and nail to prevent government sponsorship of the Pledge of Allegiance, memorial crosses, Ten Commandments displays, nativity scenes, Bible displays, and virtually every other acknowdgement of America's religious heritage.

At the same time, it is worthwhile to note that there have been some instances in which the ACLU has endorsed public displays of religion. For example, When New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani threatened to cut taxpayer funding from the Brooklyn Museum of Art for displaying a painting of the Virgin Mary with cow dung and pictures of female sexual organs pasted all over her body, the ACLU was first in line to defend the display. U.S. District Court Judge Nina Gershon ruled that New York City's elected officials were not allowed to place conditions on the museum's funding.

In another instance, the ACLU offered its support to the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts, after the agency sponsored an art show featuring "Piss Christ" - an exhibit consisting of a crucifix submerged in a jar of urine.

In the ACLU's myopic world, it appears that the only permissible publicly-funded displays of religion are those which blatantly mock or disparage the Christian faith.

-- Indefensible: 10 Ways the ACLU is Destroying America, Sam Kastensmidt, 2006

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Americans are getting b--ch-slapped like nobody's business by the new malAdministration. Our downward spin out of control continues to gain speed as public school-educated, morally vacuous America yields itself to becoming the new Union of Soviet Amerika (with all the misery that vision engenders), and Barack Obama transforms himself into the new incarnation of a softer, gentler (so far) version of Josef Stalin. He is a walking ego, continually trying to insinuate himself and his party into control of the everyday life of each one of us. And it is becoming increasingly obvious he has little respect for the citizens who actually care about and support the country.

Slap #1: On Thursday, the president decided to spit on the grave of every American soldier who has sacrificed their lives for this country. He did this in part by changing the rule prohibiting media coverage of American coffins returning from war zones. (he did make the consession that permission of the family would be necessary, but how long will it be before some photo of many caskets 'accidentally' gets released to the public?) Ostensibly, he did this "to show the true cost of war." But in practical terms, what it does -- in addition to adding to the grief of mourning families -- is to provide our enemies with a great propaganda tool to rally their own troops against us. And while his 'stimulus' bill fattens up thousands of non-essential programs, it also shortchanges the Defense Department, cutting money for protecting the troops and shoring up our defenses against our soon-to-be-nuclear-equipped enemies, Iran and North Korea.

Actually, he delivered a double-slap to the troops, although those he talked to on Friday applauded when Obama told them we would be entirely out of Iraq in 18 months, except for 50,000 or so troops (of course the troops in the audience applauded; do you think they want to go into a combat zone?). Wow, this guy is a master at Orwellian doublespeak. Still, I'm sure those Al Qaeda operatives still alive were happy to have this potential timetable to plan their future assaults in the region. Perhaps they'll lay low and just nip at our heels as we withdraw, as the North Vietnamese troops did when we abandoned the South Vietnamese (another gleaming political expedient that spat on the troops who gave so much).

Slap #2: Attorney General Eric ("Nation of cowards") Holder announced a new government assault on "assault weapons" (which are mainly semi-automatic versions of military rifles), using the cover story that the move to close loopholes on the legal purchase of those firearms will help "reduce the number of guns reaching Mexico's brutal drug cartels." Uh, heads up, Eric; criminals don't worry about getting guns through legal means. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that legal gun sales have been soaring since Obama's inauguration. Seriously, that theory is only a straw man for the clampdown on our Second Amendment RIGHT to keep and bear arms. On his Fox News 5pm show on Thursday, Glenn Beck spoke of his recent visit to his local gunshop, experiencing 3-deep waiting lines at the counter as fearful citizens raced to get their guns before an outright ban. Some sources, from leading experts to the federal government, are predicting possible rioting and violence this summer as job loss numbers continue to climb into the stratosphere. Bullet point: It's better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

Slap #3: Obama's pick to head the National Intelligence Council, Charles Freeman, has financial ties to the bin Laden family, and once upon a time collaborated on a school textbook that spews all sorts of pro-Islamic mythology, including falsely claiming that Muslims inhabited pre-Columbian America. He is also a supporter of Hamas and critical of Israel. Nuclear-armed Israelis must be feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the United States' new attitude toward the Middle East. But I forget, Barack Hussein Obama claimed during the campaign that he is a Christian, although we have yet to see any indication of that faith.

Slap #4: The Democrats' President is preparing to cut the cord of freedom of conscience for thousands of medical practicioners who are opposed to abortion, by reversing a Bush administration rule protecting such honorable doctors and nurses from retribution or termination for refusing to perform or participate in the gruesome procedures. This is likely to be only the opening shot in an all-out assault on the preborn.

This mindless and conscienceless drive to expand the ongoing fetal holocaust aptly demonstrates the shortsighted thinking of Obama and his like-minded sychophants. At the same time he destroys the economy by sinking us into debt we can never repay (although our children and grandchildren will get the bill), he wants to continue to kill off more millions of potential taxpayers. Since he's supposed to be so brilliant, I can't honestly call this a stupid decision; I can call it an outright evil decision.

As I inferred in my opening, I believe we are headed toward the deplorable condition of a not-so-benevolent dictatorship. At the least, we will not be an America recognizable to those who have passed on before us; and certainly our Founding Fathers would be turning in their graves at their wasted sacrifice. They gave us the world, freedom and hope; and we seem intent on throwing it all in the gutter of history (which continues to be rewritten even now).

For those who remember what the Soviet Union was like, members of the Politburo received special treatment, including the privilege of driving in a special lane just for them, and being able to shop at an exclusive mall open only to senior Communist Party members. Meanwhile, the general populace - the 'common' folk who actually did all the work, supporting and fighting for the regime, and paying the taxes - had to squabble over insufficient supplies of food, fuel and what cynically passed as toilet paper, to name a few things we take for granted today. And, oh, yeah; the secret police were watching everyone, all the time, and people were generally afraid (with good reason) to speak their mind in opposition to the regime. But of course, it can't happen here, right?

Actually, you could almost make the argument for socialism (NOT!), if it weren't for that pesky thing called human nature. You see, Liberals/Socialists are liars and hypocrites. Of course, virtually everyone is one or the other at least occassionally, but those who think they are better than us never live by the rules they impose on us (this also applies to Republicans who drink from the same well). Liberals attain power positions by claiming to work for the "little guy," but in fact they never give the "little guy" the tools and opportunity to escape their poverty; they only give them just enough to keep them docile and (more importantly) to keep voting for them. Liberalism encouraged the destruction of the traditional family in this nation, mostly in the cities and especially among black communities by the promotion of easy divorce, easy abortions and the welfare state which discouraged fathers from working and financially penalized intact families.

When was the last time you heard of a liberal politician (or the other liberal elites in Hollywood and elsewhere) live the same way they try to force the rest of us to live? Are Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest willing to settle for the same rationed medical care they want to provide for us; having some anonymous bureaucrat make potentially life-and-death decisions instead of your doctor? Didn't think so.

Modern liberalism is about social and political control. It's as much about a class-based society as is conservatism. The important difference is that conservatism allows and even encourages those at the bottom to rise, while liberalism throws all sorts of barriers in the way of success. If you're thinking that a government-financed college education is your ticket to success, let me remind you that the more you earn, the closer you get to joining that despicable "rich" class, and the more government will try to soak you.

Obama is the epitome of the liberal/socialist mindset. During his brief tenure as a senator he did more campaigning than representing, and was absent or abstained from most votes; this way he could promise anything and never be held to account. He has reneged on virtually every campaign promise by masterfully parsing his words so that they have ambiguous meanings. Now he continually undercuts our national success, raising the hopes of the poor to maintain the cycle of promise-vote-promise.

As this malAdministration continues to destroy the economy, attack the people who actually produce the jobs that produce the essentials and luxuries we enjoy, impugn the most productive and charitable citizens (conservatives and traditionalists), and weaken our rights, we are going to look more and more like that bleak and dreary empire we mistakenly thought we had defeated without firing a shot. Foolish us. You can smirk if you want (because you either don't know history or are one of them), but the Commies didn't go away; they simply blended into our own society and attacked us from within. May God forgive us for our stupidity and arrogance.

OK; next time I'll try to be bright and cheerful.

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