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In recent decades, the ACLU has used its so-called "wall" to fight tooth and nail to prevent government sponsorship of the Pledge of Allegiance, memorial crosses, Ten Commandments displays, nativity scenes, Bible displays, and virtually every other acknowdgement of America's religious heritage.

At the same time, it is worthwhile to note that there have been some instances in which the ACLU has endorsed public displays of religion. For example, When New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani threatened to cut taxpayer funding from the Brooklyn Museum of Art for displaying a painting of the Virgin Mary with cow dung and pictures of female sexual organs pasted all over her body, the ACLU was first in line to defend the display. U.S. District Court Judge Nina Gershon ruled that New York City's elected officials were not allowed to place conditions on the museum's funding.

In another instance, the ACLU offered its support to the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts, after the agency sponsored an art show featuring "Piss Christ" - an exhibit consisting of a crucifix submerged in a jar of urine.

In the ACLU's myopic world, it appears that the only permissible publicly-funded displays of religion are those which blatantly mock or disparage the Christian faith.

-- Indefensible: 10 Ways the ACLU is Destroying America, Sam Kastensmidt, 2006

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Greater Risk

If you have children, or know someone who does (which pretty much means everyone) you should check out this report about American teens newest rage: exchanging sex for just about anything. According to the report, for instance, oral sex is considered by many teens and pre-teens as the equivalent of a 'goodnight kiss,' and prostitution is just another way of bartering for what they want.

Sharlene Azam, the woman reporter who was able to get kids to open up to her over a four-year period, told ABC News, "If you talk to teens [about oral sex] they'll tell you it's not a big deal. In fact, they don't consider it sex. They don't consider a lot of things sex."

This disturbing trend - in which it is believed more than half of all teens aged 15 to 19 - also may reveal a reason for the explosion in sexually transmitted diseases among pre-teens and teens. Apparently, not only are too many parents failing to set a good example and maintain behavioral standards for their kids, the media and school messages about AIDS/HIV and other STDs aren't getting as much promotion as the "anything goes" culture of sexuality. Even with all the other worries, this trend is going to present some long-lasting, tragic consequences for the entire nation. A CDC report on sexual trends will open your eyes to what has become a secret subculture which has long-term ramifications.

I urge you to pass the report on to those you care about. After spending untold millions of tax dollars, public school sex education has presented a mixed message at best, and millions of kids are putting themselves at risk in ways they cannot comprehend at their stage of life. It is up to those who actually love these kids to step up and get the point across in a way they can understand.

How the mighty have fallen. Irony of ironies...a recent article in Pravda, of all places, tells the truth about what is happening to America. For those who may be too young to know, Pravda was the premiere official propaganda organ of the Soviet Union. For them to be chastising us for chasing communism is the ultimate, albeit (in this case) honest indictment of what we've allowed to happen to us. How long will it be before the Obama-voters' euphoria finally succumbs to their chagrin for choosing the instrument of our destruction as a world leader? More accurately, perhaps, how many will discover the intellectual honesty to accept their gross mistake in judgment?

Coming soon: Another Holocaust? Amid all the other chaos it is spewing, the Obama malAdministration has left us wondering once again whether it is geopolitically clueless or actively working for the destruction of Western civilization. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was recently told by our government that we (the U.S.) "will not allow a Netanyahu government to hurt their efforts of rehabilitating U.S. relations with the Arab and Islamic world, which is a high priority of Obama." Abbas' senior political advisor was told that Obama has no problem with Jerusalem becoming the capital of a Palestinian state.

I'm curious; has President Obama ever heard of genocide? Because the Palestinians have no intention of living peacefully side-by-side with whatever is left of Israel after the Islamic world is finished literally slicing and dicing it and the Israeli people. If nothing else, his ready abandonment of our most trusted Middle Eastern ally is de facto evidence that his sympathies do not lie with Christianity (remember, he claimed to be a Christian during the campaign, but slipped up in an interview), but with Islam, the religion in which his formative years were spent. He is also apparently willing to throw US security out the window.

Speaking of holocaust... Dr. George Tiller was shot dead shot dead in his Wichita, Kansas church during Sunday service. Dr. Tiller, who was recently acquitted of doing illegal abortions, made a long career out of doing the procedures, even the particularly reprehensible (and they all are) late-term variety known as partial-birth abortions. I'm torn on this one. I find it abhorrent that he would be murdered in his own church (which presumably supported his vocation, since he was not only an active member, he was serving as an usher when he was shot), and it shouldn't have been committed by another citizen.

In my humble opinion, it is the government that has shirked its duty; it should not be allowing abortion to be a legally sanctioned growth (cynically speaking) industry in the first place. If government had followed its mandate to protect the innocent, and Dr. Tiller had then broken the law to commit the heinous acts, government should have prosecuted, and perhaps executed him for the murder of thousands of pre-birth babies (for the non-Christians, the Bible gives the government the sword for justice, even as it implies limits to its power. And his Reformation Lutheran Church, which sanctioned such an obviously unrepentant person, should come clean and admit that it is apostate and that it rejects the foundational theology of the Christian faith. To continue to delude people that it is a Christian church is a lie and a crime against God. That's my opinion and I'm welcome to it.

The real danger of this episode is aptly laid out by David Kupelian, the VP and managing editor of WorldNetDaily and Whistleblower magazine, and the author of his must-read expose' The Marketing of Evil. He points out that all it will take is a convenient event like Tiller's murder to open the door to full-blown despotism and a locked-down police state. I have no doubt that Obama -- aided by his trusted Oberleutnant Rahm Emanuel -- would love nothing more than an excuse to pull out all the stops (as if he isn't doing that now) in his power grab frenzy.

The push is already on to open the witchhunts against any perceived anti-abortion "terrorist" even though virtually all pro-life proponents have condemned the violent act, as pro-abortion activists who don't even know who the real fascists are continue to rev up their hate-filled rhetoric. There is already the expected rush by all things liberal to slam Fox News and anyone even remotely conservative for the actions of one lone individual. It's indicative of the twisted ruling mentality that violent acts by politically favored groups such as homosexuals and racists (depending upon who is 'in favor' at the moment) are minimized or even studiously ignored by the liberal media, who are among the most ardent supporters of fascism.

As I've noted before, I worry increasingly that the modern equivalent of Kristallnacht is about to hit America, and that conservatives and Christians are the new Jews in the crosshairs. However, while not generally going out of their way to rile others, American conservatives in particular are not known for passivism, and are not likely to go quietly into the darkness of persecution.

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